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Many children are living in a world of hectic schedules, academic expectations, pressures from family and overstimulation from technology. They are facing stresses and emotions without being taught tools to cope with these situations or the language to effectively express themselves. The Mindful Dino Crew series of books was created for children to learn mindfulness techniques, use these tools independently and take control of their own feelings and reactions. Mindfulness doesn't have to be an abstract, unattainable idea. It can be as simple as a story with characters, problems and mindful solutions which children (and their parents and teachers!) can relate to.


Why Mindfulness?

Why should children learn mindfulness?

Calm Down! Can’t you just Sit Still! Pay Attention! Just Relax! Concentrate! Be Quiet!!

How many times have you heard these phrases or *gulp* perhaps used them yourself? We are asking children to perform an action, but we haven’t taught them how to do that action. What does being calm, still, quiet, attentive or relaxed look like? And more importantly for the child, what does it feel like? This is where the benefits of mindfulness come into play. You may have heard this word recently in the media and especially in reference to education and schools. More and more schools world-wide are incorporating mindfulness techniques and programs into their classrooms, but what is it exactly?

Jon Kabat Zinn, widely regarded as the father of mindfulness, describes it as “paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, non-judgementally”. Sounds simple? It’s not. But as a skill it has far reaching benefits, mentally, physically and emotionally. Which is why teaching your child mindful skills and techniques from an early age helps set them up for health, success and happiness in the future, as well as in the present. Through mindfulness children develop an awareness of what’s happening externally in the world around them, what’s happening to their own physical body and what is happening internally. We are giving children the tools to take ownership of their own bodies, thoughts and emotions while developing curiosity for their inner and outer world. They will be able to identify and verbalise their feelings, reduce stress, develop attention skills and build empathy for others.


Creator of the Crew- Amber Le Scelle

Amber Le Scelle is an elementary school educator who recognised a need for child-friendly mindfulness tools to use in and out of the classroom. She is a certified yoga instructor, for adults and children, and a qualified children's mindfulness educator. She created the Mindful Dino Crew series as a resource for children, parents and teachers and uses it in her own classroom and school with great success. It is her dream that the M.D.C stories will help:

- Teachers to incorporate mindfulness into their classroom

- Children to read and apply mindfulness techniques independently and learn to self regulate emotions and behaviours

- Parents to share a common language through which they can talk to their children about feelings and emotions





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